3 Layer Milk Tea《三色奶茶》

150ml Red Tea (without sugar)
150ml Evaporated Milk
100ml Dapur Desa Concentrated Coconut Sugar
Ice Cube

1. Pour Concentrated Palm Sugar into glass, put in ice cube.
2. Slowly pour evaporated milk to fill the middle layer of the milk tea.
3. Lastly, pour red tea into glass as slow as u can, make sure the red tea is not mix with milk tea.
4. Finished and serve.


150ml 浓红茶(无糖)
150ml 淡奶

100ml 帝莎浓缩椰糖浆

1. 把帝莎浓缩椰糖浆倒入杯子底部,然后放入冰块。
2. 接下来,把淡奶缓缓地倒入杯子中。
3. 最后,再把泡好的浓红茶沿着杯口倒入杯子。
4. 完成。


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