Black Glutinous Cake《紫米龟糕》


300g Glutinous Flour
100g Dapur Desa Black Glutinous Flour
100g Dapur Desa Coconut Milk Powder (Mix with 250ml Water)
1tsp Salt
2sp Sugar
3sp Cooking Oil

5spoon Dapur Desa Coconut Sugar
100g Shredded Coconut

20pcs cutted Banana Leaf


1. Fried the both Filing ingredient until fragrant.

2. Rub the Dough ingredient until soft dough, separated to 20 parts.

3. Use 1 table spoon of filing and wrap into 1 part of dough, bunched up into a ball shape.

4. Press out shapes using the mould, placed on banana leaves.

5. Boiled hot water in steamer,steam Black Glutinous Cake with a high heat for 15 minutes or until cooked. Serve while cool.


帝莎椰糖 - 5汤匙
椰丝 - 200g

糯米粉 - 300g
帝莎黑糯米粉 - 100g
帝莎椰浆粉 - 100g (与250ml清水拌匀备用)
盐 - 1茶匙
食油 - 3 汤匙
糖 - 2 汤匙

香蕉叶 ~ 20片


1. 把馅料炒香备用.

2. 把所有的皮料材料拌匀,揉至柔软不粘手,分成20份.

3. 将1汤匙的馅料包入1份的皮料里,揉成小球。

4. 用模型压出形状,然后放在裁剪好的香蕉叶上。

5. 煮热蒸笼水,放入紫米龟糕用大火蒸15分钟或至熟,取出,待凉即可享用。


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