Corn Cake 玉蜀黍糕




* 400 gm creamy sweet corn (罐頭甜玉米粒 400克)
* 150 gm sugar (糖 150克)
* 400 gm Dapur Desa Coconut Milk (帝莎浓椰漿 400克)
* 100 gm Dapur Desa Custard Powder (帝莎蛋黃粉 100克)
* 20 gm Corn Starch (玉米粉 20克)
* 600 gm water (水 600克)
* 5 pieces pandan leaf (香蘭葉 5片)

Method / 做法:

1.Place the corn flour and sugar into the bowl, add in coconut milk to become evenly batters.

2.Add in water, creamy sweet corn and pandan leaf and mix evenly.

3.On medium baking temperature, while boil agitation well in order to avoid the base falls burnt.

4.Boils till cook then changes the small flame and continue to boil for 10 minutes, till batters thick.

5.Pours into mold immediately, put to coolling



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