Traditional Curry Chicken《传统咖哩鸡》


800g Fresh Chicken (Cutted and clean well)
3pcs Potato (Cutted)
6pcs Small Onion (Shredded)
1 spoon Shredded Ginger
2 spoon Shredded Garlic
75g Natural Leaf Meat Curry Powder
50g Dapur Desa Coconut Milk Powder (Mix with 50ml Water)
3 Spoon Cooking Oil


1. Heat oil, fry onion, ginger and garlic until fragrant.

2. Add chicken, potatoes and curry powder and stir a while, then add water and simmer about 15 minutes.

3. Sprinkle some seasoning salt, and lastly pour in the coconut milk, mix well and serve hot.


800g 新鲜鸡肉 (洗净之后斩块)
3颗马铃薯 (切块)
6颗红葱头 (切细末)
1 汤匙姜茸
2 汤匙蒜茸
75g 康叶肉类咖哩粉
500ml 清水
50g 帝莎椰浆粉 (与50ml清水混和备用)

3 汤匙食油


1. 热油,把洋葱、姜茸及蒜茸炒香.

2. 加入鸡肉、马铃薯及咖哩粉拌炒一阵,之后加入清水焖煮约15分钟。

3. 以适量的食盐调味,最后倒入椰奶,拌匀即可趁热享用。

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