Curry Laksa Noodle《咖哩叻沙面》

Ingredients A:

200g Bean Curd
200g Bean Sprouts
200ml Thick Coconut Milk
1500ml Water
1 pack Natural Leaf's Instant Curry Laksa Paste(150g)

Ingredients B:

800g Steam Chicken Pieces
250g Cooked Clam Meats
5pcs Hard Boiled Egg
5pcs Lime
Some Mint Leaves

1. Dissolve NL Instant Curry Laksa Noodle Paste with 1500ml boiling water.
2. Add 200ml thick coconut milk, add an appropriate amount of fried bean curd, long bean, bean sprouts or others seafood ingredients, bring to boiled and serve.
3. Prepare 700g cooked noodles separated into 5 bowls. Amount of each bowl with cooked chicken pieces, hard boiled egg,cooked clams, lime, mint leaves, curry laksa soup. Serve while hot.



200g 炸豆腐
200g 豆芽
200ml 浓椰浆
1500ml 清水
1 包康叶《咖哩叻沙即煮酱》(150g)

800g 煮熟白灼鸡肉块
250g 煮熟血蛤肉
5 颗水煮蛋
5 颗酸柠


1. 将一包康叶咖哩叻沙即煮酱,以1500毫升清水搅拌均匀,煮滚。

2. 加入200毫升浓椰浆,加入适量炸豆腐,长豆,豆芽及各类喜爱之海鲜,煮滚即可享用。

3. 准备700克煮熟面条,分别放在5个餐碗里,摆上适量熟鸡肉块、水煮蛋、熟鲜蛤、酸柠,薄荷叶及咖哩叻沙汤即可趁热享用。

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