Korma Curry《印度白咖哩》

1kg Chicken(Cut to pieces) / 1公斤鸡肉(砍件)
3pcs Potato(Cut to cubes) / 3颗马铃薯(切块)
5pcs Red Shallot(sliced) / 5颗红葱头(切丝)
1pcs Garlic Clove(minced) / 一粒蒜头(切碎成茸)
1 spoon minced Ginger / 一汤匙姜茸
75g Korma Curry Powder / 75克 印度白咖哩粉
50ml Coconut Milk / 50毫升椰奶
900ml Plain Water / 900毫升清水
Touch of salts / 适量食盐

1. Fry Shallot, Ginger & Garlic until Fragrant.

2. Add Chicken, Potatoes, Korma Curry Powder and 900ml Water, cook for 15 minutes.

3. Add 50ml Coconut Milk and some salt, stir well and serve hot.

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