Soy Bean Steam Fish《豆酱蒸鱼》


500g Fish(any type of fish)
1 pack Natural Leaf Instant Soy Bean Steam Paste

1. Prepare fish and place it on a plate and steam for 3 minutes.
2. Remove the extra water, add on 1 package NL Soy Bean Steam Paste, continues to steam for 3-5minutes and serve.



500g 鱼(各式鱼类)

1. 将鱼放在碟子隔水蒸3分钟。
2. 将鱼腥水取掉,把1包《康叶》娘惹豆酱蒸即煮酱淋在鱼上面,继续蒸上3-5分钟即可趁热享用。

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