Tamarind Curry Fish《亚叁咖哩鱼》


600g Fish
2pcs Tomato(Sliced)
100ml Coconut Milk
1 packs Natural Leaf's Tamarind Curry Paste


1. Heat cooking oil and stir-fry NL Instant Nyonya Tamarind Curry Paste until aromatic for 1 minute.

2. Pour in 350ml water and bring to boiled.

3. Stir in 100ml coconut milk, 2 spoon full tomato sauce, followed by 600g fish & 2pcs sliced tomato, cook over medium heat for 5 minutes. Serve hot.



600g 鱼肉
2 颗番茄
100ml 椰浆
1 包康叶亚叁咖哩即煮酱


1. 先在锅内烧热两汤匙食油,然后倒入一包康叶娘惹亚叁咖哩即煮酱,拌炒约一分钟至芬香。

2. 加入350ml清水,煮沸。

3. 拌入100ml椰浆、两匙番茄酱,然后放入600g鱼肉及2颗番茄片,以中火煮约五分钟即可趁热享用。

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