Tea Leaf Egg《茶叶蛋》


30pcs Egg (Normal Temperature)
2 spoon Sugar
1/2 spoon Salt
2 spoon Soy Sauce
1 spoon Dark Soy Sauce
2 liter Water
1 bag Natural Leaf Tea Leaf Egg Herbs Spices Mix


1. Wash eggs cooked to hard boiled.

2. Take out the cooked eggs from pot, knock the shell to well-crack, and put back to another cleaned pot.

3. Add in 1 Bag of Natural Leaf Tea Leag Egg Herbs Spices Mix, Seasoning and 2 liters of water to boiled, turn to low-heat and cook for another 2 hours.

4. Serve Hot.


30颗 鸡蛋(常温)
2汤匙 糖
半茶匙 盐
2汤匙 生抽
1汤匙 黑生抽
1包康叶 叶但调味香料包


1. 把30颗鸡蛋洗净煮熟。

2. 取出熟蛋,把蛋壳均匀敲裂,再放入洗净的锅子里。

3. 加入一包康叶 叶但调味香料包、调味料及两公升清水煮沸,转小火焖煮约2小时即可。

4. 捞起趁热享用。




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