A Gift From Sea

Sea birdnest is a vegetarian health food containing high content of dietary fibre, agar and alginic agar, besides low in calories values. It is especially rich in iodine, vitamin A and essential elements such as calcium, sodium and magnesium, which are 10-12 times more than land plant. The high iodine content in Sea birdnest helps to prevent thyroidism, sepsis and hair loss. In addition, Sea birdnest can reduce colestrol and prevent thrombosis in blood vessel; it is diuretic and also has curative powers for neck pain and oedema.

This natural seaweed is rich in enzyme nutrients, minerals, calcium, iron, multitude fibers and jelly form proteins. It is especially good for skin care, vegetarian diet and daily fiber intake. It grows naturally & contains no artificial fertilizer or chemical.

Function & Benefits:
1. Reduce body weight and hormone, breast enhancement.
2. Antibacterial, Expulsion of toxin.
3. Eliminate constipation.
4. Improve hypertension and hypotension.
5. Skin care.
6. Normalize the thyroid gland function.
7. Helps improve metabolism.
8. Improve stomach functions.
9. Helps to Eliminates nephritis, arthritis, dropsy.
10. Strengthens the blood vessel, improve rheumatism, collagen defect, blood physique and purpura haemorrhagic.
11. Improve blood circulation, cold and shoulder sore.
12. Effective for those who had Sarcoma or Tumour.
13. Slim up your abdomen and soften skin and improve waist pain.




1. 控制体重、调理女性荷尔蒙及丰胸。
2. 抗菌、排除体内毒素。
3. 改善便秘问题,分解及排出宿便。
4. 控制高血压及低血压。
5. 美化肌肤。
6. 平衡甲状腺功能。
7. 帮助改进新陈代谢。
8. 帮助消化系统。
9. 预防肾炎、关节炎及水肿。
10. 活化细胞、强化血管、预防血栓、改善风湿病等。
11. 促进血液循环、改善易感冒体质以及肩膀酸痛。
12. 预防肿瘤及异变细胞。
13. 具有减肥功效,软化肌肤及治疗腰疼。


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